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Equine Chiropractic

Equine Chiropractic


As an AVCA-Certified Equine Chiropractor, Dr. Wilson will perform an adjustment to restore a full, pain-free range of motion to joints and the spine. Using his hands, he mobilizes the bones and nerves of the spine as well as tissues and muscles along the spine.


It's been shown that routine equine chiropractic treatment ensures a happy, healthy horse that is more willing to perform at a higher level and for a longer duration of time.


When the spinal column is properly aligned and in good (neutral) position the horse can better handle the stresses of everyday life and heal itself naturally if injured.

The equine professional athlete has hours of expensive training and prepping for an event. Whether it be a race, show ring or on the cross country course. Chiropractic should be in the mix for preparing for an event. Football players , rugby players , hockey players, and most all professional athletes have chiropractic doctors on staff to keep players in top form. Your equine athlete requires chiropractic care for the same reason.


What is a subluxation and how is it corrected?

A subluxation is an area of the spine which has become misaligned, preventing the vertebrae from moving correctly. If a vertebrae becomes "stuck" in misalignment, it can cause pinched nerves. When this happens, there is an interference with nerve transmission to many parts of the body. Once this condition exists, your horse may begin to demonstrate symptoms and have performance problems.


A subluxation is corrected with a specific controlled adjustment, including short, rapid thrust onto specific vertebrae. Once completed, the spine and nerves are returned to proper alignment, allowing the body to function in an optional fashion.


Customer Comments

Dr. Wilson has gone above and beyond my expectations in determining the best methods whether it be chiropractic feed supplements, or giving injections in order to maintain the highest level of athleticism, while keeping my horse comfortable, healthy, and happy. I would strongly recommend Dr. Wilson to any individual who is looking for the utmost quality of care for their horse.

Elizabeth H.