Equine Chiropractic & Horse Lameness Evaluation
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Equine F.A.Q.

We get a lot of questions from horse owners. Here are the most common questions we get and the answers.

How do I know that my horse needs chiropractic care?

Look for the following indication that your horse may be in need of chiropractic care.


How often should my horse be adjusted?

If an animal is real sick it will take more medicine and a longer period to recover. Some animals will not "hold" there adjustments and need to be done once a month, or they are really sore. Normal wellness adjustment is recommended three time a year.



What is the optimal schedule for having my horse adjusted?

While some owners helping their horses recover from injury or lameness may schedule monthly adjustments, most horses do well on a schedule of 2 - 4 times per year. Through regular adjustments, equine chiropractic can catch problems when they are small and protect your horse against injury and lameness.



How did my horse's spine get out of alignment?

Why does a horse catch a cold, why does a horse have allergies, why does a horse get injured? It just happens due to immune system dis-function or injury.




Customer Comments

With the chiropractic therapy, we have seen improvement in Chance's coordination and flexibility in bending. His muscle tone has improved dramatically and he can now train for longer periods of time without tiring. His attitude towards our riding sessions has improved and he is more confident as he moves through the exercises. We are so happy we could improve Chance's health without the need for medications.

Jill Z.